Keep Your Summer Healthy!

Summer brings amazing adventures, great weather, sunshine and fun. Here are some things to ensure your family stays in tip-top shape:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Remember, New Mexico sunshine is incredibly hot! Be sure to keep lots of water with you at all times. Plastic water bottles can be very toxic in the heat of summer, so be sure to put them in a cooler if you use them. During summertime, get tested with Kinesiology biofeedback to see what level of water your body requires in the summer.

Take care of your skin: Use this link to check the products you are using for sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Many are highly toxic and bombard your skin with chemicals. Children, with their smaller bodies are affected even more. Better yet, stop by our clinic and get a free sample of the essential oils known to keep mosquitos at bay better than insect repellent as well as prevent or provide instant relief for sunburn.

If you frequent parks: Remember that our parks are sprayed with heavy chemicals and weed killer – especially in the summer months. Be sure to call us for a foot detox and natural products that help offset those chemicals. Also, our cold laser is great for sprains, cuts and other injuries that often occur during summer fun.

Critters: Ants, cockroaches, flies, etc. can try to take over your home! Be sure to see our list of essential oils and natural products that can be used in lieu of all the toxic chemical, harmful ones. (See the community event section of this magazine for our free class on natural solutions to replace chemicals in the home).

Vacation: Prepare ahead. I take a small keychain with ten (10) 5/8 dram bottles of essential oils that help with sleep, digestion, constipation, a cold/flu, sweet cravings and blood sugar, cuts & sunburn, energy boosting, and more.

Janet L. Hall  is a Certified Kinesiologist & Herbalist. She is also a Certified Biofeedback & Essential Oil Specialist, Nutritional Evaluator, Coach and Emotional Facilitator. Her center is dedicated to helping people “rise above!” anything in their lives. 505-294-WELL (9355)