Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

by Janet L. Hall, MA, CKP, CBT


A woman with Parkinson’s symptoms who had just had a biofeedback session marveled over how she was able to write a check and sign it with remarkedly better control. Her coordination and fine motor skills were better after just one biofeedback session! She came to our Albuquerque clinic from Texas, after trying various unproductive treatments. She stated “I now have renewed hope! I never imagined one of these treatments could make a difference so quickly!”


Parkinson’s – A Central Nervous System Disorder: Parkinson’s disease stems from a Central Nervous System disorder of certain regions of the brain, especially the substantia nigra. Normally the cells produce dopamine, a chemical transmitting signals within the brain, controlling movement and coordination. Without dopamine and other requirements, neurons fire without normal control. The ability to do simple, fine coordinated movements including writing, grasping items, tying shoes, buttoning clothing and even eating can be lost. Body tremors do not allow them to direct or control their fine motor skills and movements; especially extended limbs, such as arms and hands.


Genetic Causes: What has been found is that several genes, especially one in particular, is expressing when Parkinson’s symptoms exist. Mutations in the LRRK2 gene is known to be the greatest genetic contributor to Parkinson’s disease found to date. Doing Genetic and Methylation testing can reveal what is needed to alleviate these symptoms and support the nervous system back to health! Dopamine and other remedies can be given in homeopathic or supplemental form. Specific biofeedback programs can be run to affect healing of this issue. Or, bio-electric programs can be used to scramble the frequency and vibration of this problem – not allowing the body to return to it. Kinesiology is used to determine which method is best for each individual.


Environmental Causes: There are environmental causes in addition to genetic predispositions as was shown in the 1980’s, when a group of heroin users took drugs contaminated with a substance called MPTP and developed Parkinson’s. Brain injury and pesticide exposure has been found to increase the risk of Parkinson’s. In this day and age of so many chemical substances including pesticides, weed killers, and toxic household substances, people have acquired many nervous system and autoimmune disorders. We have found that helping the body detox of these resolves many symptoms and health concerns.




Janet L. Hall is a Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Biofeedback and Essential Oil Specialist. She has an MA from the International Metaphysical University in Holistic Health and recently completed special training in Genetics & Methylation Therapy. Her center is dedicated to helping people “rise above!” anything in their lives. (505)294-WELL (9355)